How do I get my business listed on tringcity?

To get your business listed on tringcity, give us call  9966 866 899 to sign up with our team assist you ( Every Businees Verified From Us Before Registering with Our Website )

What's the next step after I sign up?

After we receive an initial payment, we gather information about your business and services,we prepare listing and search engine submissions.You may view the progress of your account.

How soon will everything be completed?

Account creation and submission for social networks, business pages, and online maps may take a maximum of 24 hours to complete.
I would like to add/change/remove something on my business listing. 

How do I do so?

Send us your request by giving our Customer Support a call at 9966866899 or sending us an email at support@tringcity.in We'll get back to you and process your request as soon as possible.

What are Google+ Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Local Business Pages?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have integrated local search and reviews for businesses into their platforms. Claiming your Business Pages in each of them lets you appear on search results for products and services within your area and improving your customer visibility.

Why do I need Google+ Local when my business already appears on Google Maps?

By default, Google will add whatever information it can find on your business on Google Maps, which often results in incorrect listings. Claiming and optimizing your Local page lets you correct issues such as old addresses, wrong phone numbers, or missing details. Google+ will also rank optimized listings higher in search results to reward businesses that manage their pages.

Why is it important to get listed on business directories?

Getting listed on business directories lets you build up citations that include your business name, address and phone number. Having numerous consistent citations across the web tells search engines that your information is correct and synced, resulting in better search ranking results.